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Heroes, villains, intrigue, comedy and cliffhangers. Imagine everything we cherish about stories, entwined with glorious singing and music by beloved masters like Mozart, Puccini and Strauss. That’s opera! And our audience and artists, volunteers and supporters make it happen here in Southeast Connecticut. Together, they create the alchemy that brings art—Salt Marsh Opera style—to life.

Based in Stonington, Conn., Salt Marsh Opera was formed in 2000 by twelve friends who relished their annual opera party (think singing, food, wine and flying flowers!).

Underlying all we do is commitment to heightening appreciation for the arts, opening doors to new enthusiasts and ensuring artistic culture thrives in our communities.

Opera embraces many crafts—singing, playing, staging, set design, lighting, costuming, conducting and more. Through our in-school programs, youngsters discover these many pathways to a creative life as well as spark their imaginations for classic artistic expression. Young adults bent on making their mark in theater ignite their dreams with hands-on mentorships.

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The mission of the Department of Arts, Culture and Tourism is to improve the quality of life in New Haven and to support the economic development of the City by assisting, promoting and encouraging artists, arts and cultural organizations and events in New Haven. It also serves as the steward for the municipal collection of public art.

The Department of Arts, Culture and Tourism:
• Supports a wealth of neighborhood activities through the Mayor's Community Arts Grants Program
• Enhances municipal buildings and schools with public works of art through its Percent for Art Program
• Supports creative entrepreneurship throughProject Storefronts
• Produces community events such as the Holiday Tree Lighting on the Green

Additionally, the Department of Arts, Culture and Tourism provides support to the film industry by assisting filmmakers in identifying possible locations within the city, negotiating and coordinating city services and other location needs and costs.

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We all make music. We hum, whistle, sing, drum our fingers. We play instruments, we sing Happy Birthday. Music is the most human form of communication. But most of us learn early to keep our talent to ourselves. That robs us of the opportunity to form the most basic, joyful bond with other people many of us will ever know. Find Your Voice exists to bring people from diverse backgrounds, perspectives and talents together to make music together. Find Your Voice brings us together to make our music.

Come make music with us!  We are forming music clubs now!  See our website for more information….  And let your voice be heard!

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